​​​​​Number of Animals: 75+

Level: Very Easy to Impossible

Artwork: One-of-a-Kind, Beautiful

No Ads: Never any ads- even in free version

Introducing Match 'em Up! - Animal Edition

Match ‘em Up is a memory match game for kids of all ages with beautiful images, accurate animal sounds, and simple options that improve learning for hours of enjoyment.  This game will engage your kids in memory and concentration ability.   With 6 levels of difficulty the complexity of the game can be adjusted accordingly to the age and skill level of your child.   This game has no pop-up ads.   Play the game for free without annoying screens that trick you into buying games, waste your time or make you watch senseless videos. 

How to Play:
Try to find two tiles that match – it is that easy.  This game also comes with an option for younger children to have the tiles still flipped over after the first time you flip a tile over.   This makes it easier and simpler to find matches since the image is now displayed.   A great option to use with very young children so they can play the game without getting frustrated and still learn memory skills.  

Game Modes:
The number of tiles to match is completely up to you.   The game has 6 options to choose from – 8, 12, 16, 20, 24 and 48 tiles.   Choosing increased tiles make the game more difficult as your memory skills improve.   As you improve your skills, take the challenge of matching 48 tiles and see how quickly you can complete the game. 

The name of the tile can also be displayed to help teach spelling, name recognition and improve the chances of memorizing the tile.  

You have full control of the sounds – you can listen to all the wonderful tile sounds, turn on dynamic music or adjust the special effects to make the game more interesting. 

Player High Scores:

The game comes with a very simple local high score tracker that allows you to see your progress and compares to others.   It tracks all your scores locally and assures your kids information stays on your device only. 

Major Features:

  • Simply the best artwork of any memory match game on the market!
  • Simple and intuitive interface which is easy to use and easy to play
  • Retina display graphics
  • Best animal sounds available
  • 6 levels of difficulty
  • Tracking of high scores locally
  • Never any annoying ads
  • Best memory game on the market


  • Visual memory training
  • Increase short term memory
  • Concentration improvement
  • Develop cognitive skills

Animals and sounds included in free game:

Anteater, Armadillo, Bat, Beaver, Beluga Whale, Cape Buffalo, Dolphin, Donkey, Goat, Hippo, Horse, Hyena, Kangaroo, Killer Whale, Lemur, Llama, Moose, Ostrich, Penguin, Platypus, Rooster, Seal, Turkey and Vulture

In-App upgrade includes:

  • Multiple tile choices of Giraffe, Hippo, Monkey, Panda, Parrot, Rabbit, Tiger, Walrus, Bees, Cows and Crocodile
  • Multiple background choices of a Desert, River, Deep Sea, Jungle, Fields, Island, Bamboo Forest, Glacier, Countryside, Canyons and Mountains.
  • New Animals of Alligator, Bear, Bee, Bull, Bunny, Camel, Caterpillar, Chicken, Cow, Dog, Duck, Eagle, Elephant, Flamingo, Fly, Fox, Frog, Geese, Giraffe, Goat, Gorilla, Hamster, Insects, Jaguar, Kangaroo, Koala Bear, Leopard, Lion, Monkey, Mouse, Narwhal, Owl, Panda Bear, Parrot, Pig, Polar Bear, Quail,  Queen Bee, Rabbit, Raccoon, Ram, Rhinoceros, Sheep, Snake, Tiger, Turtle, Unicorn, Vampire Bat, Viper, X-ray Fish, Walrus, Wildebeest, Yak, & Zebra.  Over 50 new animals included.
  • Limited Time – Bonus set included of transportation tile – Astronaut, Bulldozer, Car, Car Hauler, Cement Truck, Chinook Helicopter, Crane, Digger, Earth Mover, Fighter Jet, Fire Truck, Helicopter, Indy Car, Jumbo Jet, Logging Truck, Police Car, Race Car, Rocket, Semi-Truck, Ship, Submarine, Tow Truck and Truck.  

game Stats

Match 'em up

Just released may 2016 - find the matches as quickly as you can.  

  • Fantastic artwork

  • 24 animals in free game, 75+ animals in full version

  • Animal sounds to match all images